A Touch of Refinement & Sophistication


TEASER | Bobbi Rhian's | a film by Herman V.Brandt from Herman V.Brandt on Vimeo.


Without having to execute an aggressive marketing stratagem Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge has already been branded as the archetype for the ultra posh lounge concept every major city will vie to emulate.

The clientele for this posh establishment ranges from socialites to business executives who thrive in atmospheres that inhabit reserved elegance and haute sophistication while at the same time offers an unparalleled mingling experience over cocktails.

Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge provides its clientele with an elite escape into the night life arena by merging the allure of a red carpet event and the assurance of a mature climate that is facilitated by a certified mixologist and instigated by a diverse music catalogue.

One encounter with the Bobbi Rhian’s family will provoke you to keep the brand perched on your lips for immediate release to convey its distinction to other socialites and business executives of your caliber.