The Lounge


The stakes in Delaware nightlife has reached a new plateau with the introduction of Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge.  The venue offers nearly 3000 square feet of decadence. The owner was meticulous with respect to detail when considering how Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge would be viewed from a visual perspective. His goal was to infuse a new imprint of modern aesthetics into a spellbinding space that combines interior rudiments, art and telecommunication mediums that serve as integral parts of his design approach.  He wanted to ensure ones visual perception of the space would induce a vibe conducive to an atmosphere specifically designed for late night entertainment.


This striking stylish venue has a modern design aesthetic that adds depth and complexity with its bold color palette, interior design and strategic placement of telecommunication mediums. It should go without saying that Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge symbolizes a new standard of late night entertainment in Delaware. Its experience envelops a habitat of decadence that is unparallel and should be revered as Delaware’s first nightlife destination.